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European Patent was given!
For the entire development series European Patent was given. A further important step for development and production! Please klick this PDF-Link to learn more...


SimulDriving undergoes meticulous testing!
Hilker has carried out several successful SimulDriving field tests in recent months. This innovative system continues to perform flawlessly. Intensive work is continuing in the areas of safety and operator comfort.  Check this page for the latest developments posted by Hilker!


Presentatives of the Osnabrück Technical Institute pay a visit to Hilker
Hilker´s developments have attracted the interest of more than just business people... Hilker gets a New Year´s visit from two representatives of the Osnabrück Technical Institute for a mutual exchange of ideas. The two professors were gathering extensive information on various products, and SimulDriving in particular was the center of attention. Hilker has high hopes of establishing ongoing cooperation with the Osnabrück Technical Institute.